Discover Singapore: 5 Day Epic Travel Itinerary Plan

Singapore is not just an ordinary city and country. This city will capture you in the spell of its wonderful and rich culture, culinary delights, architectural marvels, and natural beauty. It is a small island nation in Asia and a major connecting hub. Whether you’re a History admirer or a foodie looking to try various cuisines or a nature lover or someone who is just looking to experience something new. Well, then this is the right place to come for a perfect 5 day vacation.

In this blog, I will share a perfect travel itinerary for a 5 day trip to Singapore. This city has something to offer to everyone so I’ll give my best to include everything in this itinerary. I hope you’ll enjoy this trip and leave with amazing and unforgettable memories.

Best Travel Tips for a 5 day trip to Singapore

Before I share the itinerary for your trip I would like to share some tips for your trip which can help you plan your vacation in a much better way. This section will help you with deciding the perfect time to travel and choosing the right method of travelling to Singapore.

What is the Best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore is not just a place which you choose based on weather. I recommend you choose the best time based on your personal preference for the things you want to do.

Weather: Singapore experiences a tropical climate and temperatures stay mild throughout the year. The only thing is that this city gets monsoon twice a year with occasional rainfall throughout the year. The main monsoon season runs from December to March and June to September. You can figure out your plan according to that as the rest of the time the temperature is pleasant.

Events and Festivals: There are plenty of events and festivals happening in Singapore throughout the year. Some of the major events are Chinese New Year celebrations which happens usually in January or February, the Singapore food festival which happens usually in July and is a food haven if you are a Foodie, Great Singapore sale which happens usually in June or July. If you wish to get yourself indulge in one of these events then I’ll recommend you to check what events are happening in Singapore and plan your visit accordingly.

Crowds and Prices: Peak tourist season in Singapore is usually around the school holidays and any major events. During this time the prices for everything are high and it is a lot crowded. if you want to avoid these high prices and the crowd then consider coming during the shoulder season.

It doesn’t matter when are you visiting there is always something for everyone in Singapore. Always do your research and check the weather and events before coming to Singapore.

How to Travel to Singapore?

By Air: Singapore Changi Airport serves as one of the world’s busiest airports and one of the most beautiful airports. This place is a different city in itself. Changi Airport is very well connected and has direct flights available from most of the major cities in the world. It is also my first and last place to explore recommendations in Singapore.

By Road: Singapore is very well connected with its neighbour Malaysia and multiple bus service and train services run between Singapore and Malaysia. If you planning to use this route then check for visa requirements and travel documentation.

By Sea: If you’re travelling on a cruise and coming to Singapore then you’ll arrive at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Multiple cruises run from all over the world. There are ferries available as well from the nearby Indonesian Islands.

There are multiple ways to arrive in Singapore but the most convenient way is to travel by air which is fast and reliable. Also, the airport has so much to offer to see and enjoy.

How to Travel within Singapore?

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): The MRT can be called as the backbone of the Singapore. The metro network in Singapore is fast, convenient and affordable. It connects over 100 stations throughout Singapore and is very reliable. In my opinion, it is very good and value for money; especially if you want to save money this is the way to do it.

Buses: Bus services are like an addon to MRT as they connect the area which is not served by the metro. They connect the rest of the island with MRT or other parts. If you’re a first time visitor then this is the best way to explore Singapore. Fares keep on changing but still stay very affordable and these buses are also very reliable.

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Services: Taxis in Singapore are easily available and run on meters so you’ll know what you’ll pay. If you plan on some specific location which are not available through public transit this is a convenient option. Other than regular cabs, Ride-hailing services like Grab are also available which offer discounts and deals.

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Where to Stay in Singapore?

When it comes to choosing to stay in Singapore then my friend gets ready to get spoiled. From luxury resorts to charming hotels and budget-friendly options like guesthouses, there is something for everyone. I will recommend you choose it with your vacation package and get the best deals. If you want to choose it separately then here is my pick of some of the best places to stay in Singapore.

Best Hotels in Singapore

KēSa House by The Unlimited Collection – Check Availability

Four Seasons Hotel – Check Availability

The Fullerton Bay Hotel – Check Availability

Best Capsule Hotel in Singapore

The Pod at Beach Road – Check Availability

Dream Lodge – Check Availability

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel – Check Availability

Best Resort in Singapore

Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa – Check Availability

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Check Availability

Depending on your choice there are a lot of other choices available as well. Look around on different websites to book what you need. Make sure to book in advance to get the accommodation of your choice.

5 Day Travel Plan itinerary for Singapore

Singapore is a small island nation filled with so many things to do and see. Once you arrive here get to your hotel and get settled. Figure out basic things and start with your travel itinerary.

Day 1: Urban Exploration

Start with a Coffee

Start your day with an amazing coffee in one of the local cafes in Tiong Bahru which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Singapore. This area is filled with murals and you can take your time to explore this area and check out the history and architecture of this area.

Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery is an iconic place which shows the growth of Singapore from a fishing village to becoming one of the richest and modern countries. One of the main things that no one should miss here is the scale model of the island. Once you’re in the gallery you’ll find out that there are theme-based areas like the Marina Bay area, heritage district, future development, etc.

Southern Ridges

Singapore Southern Ridge is a beautiful yet unique space that offers nature, culture, and an amazing panoramic view. The space has a network of trails and walkways that connect multiple parks, famous for its lush greenery, diverse floor and fauna and amazing view of the city skyline. You can enjoy leisurely walks on the well-maintained trails. Other than natural beauty, this place also features historical landmarks and cultural attractions. Recommend you explore World War II bunkers and various arts and sculptures in the area.


Chinatown is a mix of old and new and serves as a hub for Chinese tradition, culture and cuisine. You can spend all day here but due to limited time, you need to figure out only a few places that you should explore. Check out one of the highlights Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. There are multiple events happening throughout the year so make sure to check it out. Make sure to enjoy an amazing lunch and try local food.

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Singapore Flyer

The next stop is going to be the Singapore Flyer which is a giant observation wheel. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. If you are visiting during the festive season then you can have a chance to view spectacular lights and sound shows. overall, this can offer you a memorable experience and the right place to finish your day before dinner.

Check Updates on their Website CLICK HERE

Lau Pa Sat

A perfect way to finish up a day is with a perfect meal. Lau Pa Sat is a historic food market which has been transformed into an outdoor dining destination with so many international cuisines offered over here. This is a popular place among locals and tourists for all kinds of food on a budget. This place will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Day 2: Nature and Wildlife

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a national landmark and a UNESCO world heritage site. Trust me you’ll be amazed with the beauty of this place. Not only this place has amazing plants and flowers but this also attracts birds and insects. The National Orchid Garden is home to over 1000 species of orchids. It is best to visit in the morning time as the place opens early for the locals to jog. Entrance is free but if you want to see the orchid garden then there is a small fee.

Check Updates on their WebsiteCLICK HERE

Singapore Zoo

Once you’re done with all the flowers, plants and trees then it’s time to move toward animals. Singapore Zoo is home to more than 2800 animals from all around the world with some rare and endangered species. Once you’re there you’ll see that this place is designed in a very unique way so that these animals will feel at home.

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River Wonders Singapore

I guess you must already know what’s coming next. We have already seen plants and animals so it’s time to explore aquatic life now. This must visit attraction in Singapore will give you an impressive journey of the aquatic life. One of the highlights is the aquarium, where you can check out so many aquatic species, including rare and endangered. Check out one of the educational workshops and learn about marine life.

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Singapore River

After all these places it’s time to relax in the evening so it’s best to take a walk along the Singapore River. As you wander along the charming banks, you’ll observe the history, culture and modern skyline of Singapore. As the sun sets the river turns into this pretty place to view the beautiful sunset.

Finish your day with a tasty meal at one of the local restaurants or try some amazing high-end restaurants.

Day 3: Thrills, Entertainment and Shopping

Universal Studios

For day 3 you’ll be busy throughout the day at just one place. Your day will be packed with different types of activities. This park has different zones like Hollywood zone, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. All of these zones are so well designed that you can enjoy them in the best way. There are various kinds of rides to enjoy, live entertainment and attractions for people of all ages.

I recommend you arrive early to get ahead of the crowd and maximize your time at the park. There are many dining options as well ranging from fast food to a full dining experience of various cuisines.

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Orchard Road

Once you finish your day with some thrill and adventure at Universal Studio it is best to visit Singapore’s premier shopping and entertainment district. Start with Singapore’s oldest departmental store Tangs. There are so many places where you can shop and find amazing things. Take a stroll and reach Ion Orchard, a futuristic looking shopping complex which has anywhere from luxury brands to high street fashion. Finish your day with a world class dining experience at one of the amazing restaurants in the area.

Day 4: Island Adventures

Pulau Ubin

Start your day with breakfast and take a ferry to Pulau Ubin. The island is known for its natural beauty and offers an opposite landscape as compared to the mainland. Start by renting a bicycle to explore the island. You can head to one of the hikes or bicycle trails out of many on the island. This island is the best place to get connected with nature.

Seafood feast

Visiting Pulau Ubin and trying the fresh seafood is a must. Try one of the local restaurants to enjoy fresh and delicious food. There is no shortage of options for seafood and budget restaurants. A simple Google search will help you to find what you need.


If you want to explore a different side of modern Singapore then the best way to do this is by opting for a guided kayaking tour in the water of Pulau Ubin. Check out the scenic beauty and calm water of the mangrove forest. Keep your eyes open for the birds like kingfishers, eagles and herons. You can rent out the equipment and there is no experience required.

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Bugis and Haji Lane

TH are both iconic areas to explore. Bugis is a vibrant area known for its shopping options. With its maze like alleys, this area is filled with stalls selling everything from clothes to accessories to electronics. The area also has a historical landmark Kampong Glam, showcasing the culture.

Haji lane is more of eclectic and hipster vibe. This is a narrow lane filled with colorful murals boutiques, and trendy cafes. You can explore unique clothing stores, art galleries and hidden restaurants. With so many street arts and a charming atmosphere, this place is famous among locals as well as tourists.

Finish your day with an amazing meal at one of these hidden restaurants.

Day 5: Modern Marvels

ArtScience Museum

One of a kind lotus shaped shape landmark the Artscience Museum is a fusion of creativity and innovation. This museum combines art, science, design, media and technology providing interactive exhibits that are dynamic and changing constantly. This place serves as a hub for local and international tourists. Events, workshops, and exhibitions are happening all the time here, make sure to check their website before visiting.

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Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful botanical garden known for its innovative design and stunning displays. There are three beautiful waterfront gardens: Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. I recommend you explore Flower Dome, which is the world’s largest glass greenhouse. This place is not just an architectural marvel but also a hub for sports and recreation for people of all ages. Various events, exhibitions, and educational programs are hosted from time to time.

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Marina Bay Sands

This is an iconic resort known for its stunning architecture and world class entertainment options. One of the most amazing features is its Skypark. This place gives access to 360 views of the city, infinity pool and restaurants and bars. Other than that there is a shopping mall, theatre, a wide range of activities and so much more to do. Honestly, this place is no miss even if you are not staying here.

Marina Bay Sands – SkyPark Observation Deck

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Marina Bay Sands – Sampan Rides

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Sunset cruise

To Finish up your final day and final activity in Singapore this is the best activity. A sunset cruise along the Singapore River is the perfect way to conclude this trip. There are cruises which offer various packages like meals and other activities included. Overall, a sunset cruise is the best way to appreciate the city skyline and pack your memories until next time.

Sunset City Skyline Cruise

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If you looking to visit and explore the most out of your vacation the best way to do it is by getting a Go City Pass which allows you to visit more than 40 attractions and can save you more than 50% on attractions, tours and many more things.

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This itinerary is a mixture of everything. Since 5 days are just enough to explore it’s best to choose the right time to visit and plan ahead of the trip. I’ve made sure to keep things as updated as possible. Do let me know your experience in the comments and enjoy your journey.

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