London in 3 Days: A Perfect 3 days Itinerary plan for London

London is the dream destination for many and has a long history today. Romans founded the city which is one of Britain’s largest metropolitan cities fascinating the diverse city, culture, fashion, etc. London was founded on the Banks of the Thames and is today the capital of the United Kingdom. Over time it has evolved and has become the hub for trade, commerce, and banking.

London, “the city” known for its fashion shows is eminent because of the most fashionable shopping centers. The vibrant culture, productions of music, cuisine, and open space attract tourists to be amused by the charm and beauty of the city Of London. Here is some more information about the city to make your travel experience effortless.

Best Travel Tips for a Weekend in London

In this blog, I will share the most detailed information about the prerequisites you need to keep in mind to make your trip trouble-free and memorable. Let’s begin with the preferences of weather, crowd, and events.

What is the Best Time to Visit London?

It is apt to plan your trip according to your schedule and make sure to look after the essentials to make the most out of it.

Weather: March to May marks the beginning of spring, warmer weather is the right time to explore the city more during the longer daylights. The temperature is mild. From June to August the days are longer making it a good time to visit and from September onwards the weather changes and London brings cooler temperatures. The ideal time to capture the picturesque portrait of the city of London is in the autumn season when the temperature falls with snowfall in some parts of the city. 

Crowd: The crowd is less during spring than in summer and it is the perfect time to visit. The tourists are large in numbers during the summer, and it is the peak time for tourists.

Events: If you are visiting from March to May then you will witness the blooming flowers, crowd-free markets to explore, and much more. The crowd enjoys the live concerts, and sporting events conducted during this time. Autumn marks the beginning of the exhibitions to tour the fashion and culture of the city. The peak time is Christmas, the city experiences snowfall and is beautifully decorated with lights and of course, the perfect place to celebrate Christmas with your dear ones.

How to Reach London?

By Air: The four major airports of London are well connected and offer multiple numbers of international flights. The airports depend on your preferences. Heathrow Airport is the largest of the six international airports. If travelling from another country, flights are more advantageous. You can book accordingly and prefer any of the four main airports in London City including- Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and London City Airport.

By train: Once, you have decided to travel to London book your tickets according to your convenience. Decide your start point and check your documents as the train service is a comfortable and affordable option for transportation. Book your tickets from the online platform and look over the availability of the tickets as booking tickets earlier will make it cheaper. The service is considered to be budget-friendly, and well-developed.

If travelling from the UK or mainland Europe, you should book your train tickets.

By Bus/Coach: While travelling keep your visa handy. Apart from the airways and train service London also has another easy and affordable option to reach the city. Travelling from UK cities or European destinations you can choose the coach service provided or the services like National Express and Megabus to enjoy your vacation.


How to Travel Within London?

Roaming around London is smooth and enjoyable because of the well-connected public transportation. Here’s the list of public transport –

London Underground (Tube): The most heard public transportation is the London Tube. You can buy a single ticket or use the oyster card to have a well-timed travel within London city. To plan a journey you can Click Here.

Buses: London buses must be your second preference to travel within the city. London buses are famous and known for covering every corner of the city and even places that are not covered by the Tube.

Dockland Light Railways: Docklands are covered via these dockland light railways. Particularly serves the areas along the docks or you can choose this transport service to go to east and south London including Canary Wharf and Greenwich.

Trains: You can avail of the service of the train which will cost less money and provide convenient access within the city or offer you to travel to the neighbouring places with ease.

Cycling: There are separate cycle lanes and touring the city by cycle can be an eco-friendly travelling experience for you. You can rent a cycle or access bike-sharing schemes like Santander.

Taxis and Ridesharing: You can add your pick point and destination you want to arrive at in ride-sharing apps like Uber to travel quickly and this might be the best alternative for travelling between the key locations. You should always experience the well-known black taxi in London city.

Where to Stay in London?

The range of hotels, and resorts is innumerable in numbers, but many other factors must be taken care of while finalizing the stay. The preferences vary from person to person but in this blog, I will mention a few things such as – always consider checking the location, the security, the ease of access, restaurants, and cafes. I will mention a few hotels, and resorts considering the factors written above for your handiness.

Best Hotels in London

Tudor Court Hotel

The Tower Hotel

citizenM London

Best Vacation Home in London

Tower Bridge Apartments

Grand Residences by Marriott

Residential House

Finding the best stay depends on your budget, London is known for its luxury hotels. It is always good to decide to depend on your needs and ensure to have a perfect stay in the city of London.

3 Day Travel Plan itinerary for London

London is a blend of culture and cuisine. It has many things to cover because you can’t leave behind the beauty of the city. The city has grown, and it is known as the appropriate example of a mixture of the old history with today’s modernity. To tour the city and cover the most you should always make an itinerary travel plan. Here in this blog, I will share a small yet optimal travel plan to have a desirable outcome from the trip.

Let’s plan your 3-day itinerary plan to London. It’s always suitable to plan your trip to make it smooth. It’s always exciting when you are visiting the dream destination- The city of London. The diversity, history, and culture are the attractions for the tourists. I will make it an easier and simpler travel guide to enjoy and make memories to cherish later.

Day 1: Exploring Central London

Buckingham Palace

Have your coffee and begin your morning by visiting Buckingham Palace. It is a popular tourist attraction and is situated in the heart of London. The historical site is known as a historically iconic destination for everyone travelling to London.

You should check about the guard ceremony beforehand to witness the ceremony.

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St. James Park

Later that morning walk towards the picturesque park located in the heart of the city. One of the oldest royal parks that you can’t miss is St James Park. London is known for its open green space, and this is one of the spaces with an artificial lake named St James Park Lake. To escape the hustle and enjoy the calm that the park offers. You have the opportunity to boat and be amused by the scenic beauty.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament also known as the Palace of Westminster should be the third place to visit on your day 1 tour after you have lunch at cafes or local vendors. The architecture of the Houses of Parliament is unique and well-architect by the river Thames to make it more leisurely. It is a perfect place to click pictures passing by the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Global Theatre.

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Tate Modern Art Gallery

The Contemporary Art Gallery of London is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames. The modern and contemporary art gallery has been of public attraction. The museum organizes temporary exhibitions that showcase artistic themes. Just cross the Millennium Bridge to survey the impressive art gallery of London.

End your Day 1 by having your dinner at one of the many restaurants located on the South Bank.

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Day 2: Cultural Immersion

British Museum

Begin your day by visiting the British Museum known for its collection of art, artifacts, and cultural treasures from around the world. With time the museum has developed and has a rich collection of artifacts through archeological evacuation. The attractions of the museum over the years are the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles (also known as the Parthenon Marbles), the Egyptian mummies, the Lewis Chessmen, the Sutton Hoo treasures, and the Easter Island statues (moai), and many more.

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Covent Garden

As the name suggests Convent Garden is not a traditional park. Located in the West End of London it is not a park but a place known for its markets, shops, theatres, and restaurants. It is always a priority to shop in a new city and this place is the perfect place to shop. The central plaza is surrounded by historic buildings where you can be entertained by the street performance by grabbing lunch at the same time.

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Victoria and Albert Museum

One of the celebrated museums for its art excellence. The museum portrays the collections of fashion, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, etc. The collection is placed according to the departments such as jewelry, furniture, Asia, Europe, etc.

Inspired by Renaissance architects Victoria and Albert Museum was built by Sir Aston Webb and Sir Thomas Edward Collcutt.

Take the underground to reach the Kensington stone area to see the look over artifacts spanning over 5000 years old.

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West End

With the rush and attractive ambiance, the West End is a crowded area. Many world-class theatres and entertainment venues are present here. You can book your tickets to witness the most prestigious London theatre, experience the musical production, and comedy shows, and also get entertained by the live shows. London is always heard for its fashion and this street is a paradise to shop. You can find your favourite cuisine varying from traditional British cuisine to have access to pubs, clubs, etc. to enjoy the nightlife of London city. You can avail theatre, fashion, and food in one place that is the West End.

Covered so much of course you might be excited to cover another one day in London. The diverse heritage and blend of culture and modernity have been taken care of while planning the itinerary. Let’s move to the plan for the last day.

Day 3:Explore the Royal and Historic London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is located on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. The tower is built in a way that reflects history surrounded by several defensive walls and towers. Declared as a UNESCO Heritage this is a public attraction. To learn more about the history it to always recommended to have a tour guide who will share interesting facts about the Tower of London. It is a must-visit place in London to understand the rich heritage History.

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Tower Bridge

The unique design of the tower was designed by the architect Sir Horace Jones to connect Tower Hamlet areas on the north bank of the River Thames with the Southwark area on the south bank is now a popular tourist attraction. The walk over the bridge offers views of London. Several exhibitions are held and with the help of staircases and elevators explore the exhibition fair. Nearby places that you can visit near Tower Bridge are HMS Belfast, a WWII warship museum.

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Borough Market

Walk towards the Borough area of Southwark, near London Bridge. It is believed to be the oldest market in London and in recent days it has been a hub for food and commerce.  Popular tourist destination Borough Market offers fresh vegetables, chocolates, cheese, seafood, and many other options as your preference. You can purchase food from live street stalls or avail restaurants to relish the different culinary traditions. The market is crowded, but if you explore, you can soak in the atmosphere and make the most out of it.

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The Royal Observatory

Located in Greenwich, London is an interesting place to visit because of its scientific significance in the fields of astronomy, navigation, and the measurement of time. Witness the first Astronomer Royal, John Flam steed, which was used for mapping stars and determining the celestial bodies. Greenwich Meridian- The prime meridian of the world was developed by the astronomical department and is a prime attraction for tourists. Interactive displays, telescopes, and astronomical instruments will develop an interest in the field of scientific research.

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London Eye

The most iconic landmark The London Eye known as the Millennium Wheel has gained popularity because it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel at the time of opening. The view from London will leave you awestruck as you can see -Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, and the River Thames. The birds-eye perspective will be memorable allowing you to click pictures.

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Finish your day with an amazing dinner at one of the many restaurants near the London Eye and enjoy the view. This amazing 3 day journey will make a special place in your hearts for the years to come.

The trip to London will be always intake in memories with the help of the itinerary plan. We have made this amazing 3 day London itinerary which includes London travel tips, the best time to visit London, and London attractions. 

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