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The land known as the ‘Switzerland of India‘ in Manipur is the right tourist destination for nature lovers. Manipur is a state with the city of imphal as its capital in northeastern India. It is confined by northern Nagaland’s Indian States, southern by Mizoram, and west by Assam. It also borders two regions of Myanmar: east Sagaing and south Chin. Being less explored, Manipur promises to be one of India’s best tourist destinations, offering endless enjoyment and pleasure with its blue lakes and undulating hills. Together with the moderate climate, it is the breathtaking, calm and serene, ecstatic simplicity that makes Manipur a must visit place in India.

What is the Best time to visit in Manipur?

Manipur is an ideal year-round tourist paradise. The start of the winter season is considered to be the best time to visit Manipur, but each season in Manipur has its own advantages and a fair share of adventures. The breezy summers, the mild monsoon and the cold yet friendly winters ensure that every big attraction in Manipur is not missed.

How To Reach Manipur?

By Air: Start your travels in Imphal, the state capital, while planning your journey to Manipur. Visitors can book their domestic flight to Imphal Tulihal Airport, which is about 8 km from the city center and has scheduled flights to various cities throughout India, including Delhi, Calcutta, Guwahati, Hyderabad, etc. In Imphal, there are lots of things to see, from where you can continue your journey to other parts of the state via road.

By Rail: There is no direct train service to the state of Manipur. At a distance of approximately 201 km from Imphal and linked to the major cities of India, the nearest railway is Dimapur in Nagaland. Tourists can use the public transport facility (bus and car) that will take you straight to Manipur if you get down at the railway station.

By Road: The road network from neighbouring cities that leads to Imphal is pretty impressive. Travelers may choose to take a bus, hire a private taxi or even drive to Imphal on their own, particularly if they are travelling along the scenic Dimapur or Guwahati routes. If it seems pricey to get a private taxi, there are a range of cost-effective private bus options that allow relatively cheaper travel but convenient travel within the state. Between Imphal and neighboring cities, a number of state-run buses commute.

Here are the Best Places to Visit in Manipur

1. Senapati

Holy of the bounty of nature, Senapati Tourism is a simple but fascinating hideout and one of Manipur’s best tourist spots. Nearly 80% of the land is covered in green forests, with farmers inhabiting the remainder. The hamlet makes an excellent escape for those who would like to see Manipur culturally. Purul, Mao, Dzukou Valley, Yangkhullen, Makhel Cave, Sadu Chiru Waterfalls and Maram Khullen are all some of the best places to visit in Senapati.

2. Loktak lake

The Loktak Lake, situated 53 kms from Imphal, is one of Manipur’s most popular tourist attractions. Considered one of India’s popular lakes, Loktak has circular swamps that are called phumdis locally. Manipur’s Sendra Island is located amidst the lake, stretching over 300 m², making it a popular place of boating, picnicking and photography. It also provides water to the surrounding areas for irrigation and hydropower.

3. Imphal

Imphal is situated in Manipur’s centre, glorified in all its glory by the hilltops and foothills. Take a look through the valleys and see the panoramic views of the surroundings such as Manipur State Museum, Kangle Palace and Polo Ground. One of Manipur’s best destinations is Imphal, with shiny lakes and cascades, which you will encounter on tour. It is also a perfect place to engage in many festivals in Manipur.

4. Tharon Cave

Among the interesting tourist attractions in Manipur are Tharon Cave, or The Uluan Cave. This 650 m long cave tunnel is situated in the neighbourhood of Tamenglong and includes sculptures and excavations by Hovnan’s northern Vietnamese community. This cellar is a favourite among walkers and adventurous junkies, with five exits and 34 joints. The Department of State Tourism of Manipur organises an annual cave excursion programme to enjoy the thrill to walk through the weak tunnels.

5. Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort, which is also known as the Palace of Kangla is situated close to Imphal River. The place was the administrative seat of various Manipur kings from Nongda Lairen Pakhangba to Maharaja Kulachandra. The remains of the fort tell of the history and patrimony of Manipur. The Fort is a famous Manipur site among historians, photographers and architecture enthusiasts, comprising temples, citadels and crown halls.

6. Chandel

Chandel, Myanmar’s gateway, is granted the abundance of nature. Not only that, the site has a rich cultural history and is one of Manipur’s most impressive spots. In this paradise, also one of Manipur’s most stunning attractions, you can get the best of both worlds. An early morning walk is a retreat when you are greeted by the sparkling grasslands and subtle sunlight. You will discover a variety of unusual animals and birds when exploring denser areas.

7. Singda Dam

Singda Dam is the highest mud dam in the world and the sight to look out, located at around 920 m above sea level. Overlooking the peaceful Singda Lake, this dam helps to irrigate all of Manipur for multiple purposes. The barracks are surrounded by lush green paddy fields, and are considered to be one of Manipur’s perfect tourist spots for picnics, day trips, walks and hiking.

8. Dzukou Valley

For natural lovers Dzukou Valley is one of Manipur India’s most amazing places to visit. The valley blooms with varied flowers, which are the dreams. The valley is named for the rare lilly Dzukou that only occurs in this area. It is on the Manipur-Nagaland border.

9. Manipur State Museum

The Museum of State is one of Manipur’s most popular tourist attractions. It contains numerous items, tribal papers, furniture, weapons, images and sculptures. The Manipur State Museum was set up in 1969 and contains many galleries and sections that highlight Manipur’s heritage. It is also associated with awareness programmes, themed displays, and cultural awareness courses. A 54-feet long royal boat, the Hiyag Hiren, and a gold plated human mask with a skull, represent the principal attractions of this museum.

10. Leimaram Waterfalls

The cascades of Manipur are picturesque, of which Leimaram Waterfall is one. Because of its enchanting views and quiet atmosphere, it has become a tourist destination. In their majesty there are not just one but three waterfalls. Go near the falls and enjoy the cool sprinkling. It is one of Manipur’s best spots to visit.

Explore these amazing places to see in Manipur and share your amazing experience with us!