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Karnataka is one of the most beautiful states in the South India Tourism and is home to many natural and man-made places of tourism. Located among the western Ghats, Deccan Plateau and Kannad Coast, Karnataka Tourism includes many forests, beaches, waterfalls, coffee groves, lakes and all natural beauty. The state has also landmarks and buildings of historic significance that draw tourists from far and wider. In this Article we are going to share the list of Best places to visit in the Karnataka.

What is the Best time to visit in Karnataka?

The best time to visit Karnataka and South India is during October through April. Throughout the year, the climate of Karnataka remains on the warmer side due to the position of the state in South India. The winters are cool, the summers are hot and humid, and the Karnataka monsoon arrives early. This depends on a variety of variables, including hotel costs, rainfall, operations, and more. Karnataka’s temperature varies in accordance with its geography. While the coastal regions are hotter, during the year, places in the Western Ghats experience cooler weather.

How To Reach Karnataka?

By Air: Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hampi, Hubli, Belgaum, and Bijapur are seven cities in Karnataka with airports. The only two airports that operate international flights to and from Karnataka are Bengaluru International Airport or Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) and Mangalore International Airport. Bangalore Airport is one of India’s busiest airports and is linked by direct flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Jaipur. Flights from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad serve the airport in Mangalore. The easiest way to fly is to take a flight from Delhi or Mumbai to Karnataka.

By Road: The Government Operator for Road Transport in Karnataka is the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. It connects major towns and tourist destinations with both intra-state and interstate buses in Karnataka. In addition, two other bus services are North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, which take you to the remote areas of Karnataka, making it easier to travel in the state. Motorbikes, auto rickshaws, and buses are good options for transportation within city or town limits. So, begin to explore this lovely state. Travelers can drive to Gokarna on a scenic coastal drive or find adventures from Mysuru to Coorg along the hilly road.

By Rail: Train connectivity is relatively low within the state of Karnataka. However, all of Karnataka’s major towns are well linked by a rail route to other parts of India. Karnataka’s most important railway terminal is Bangalore railway station. Bangalore’s capital city is linked by railroad to just a few district headquarters. Hubbali is the headquarters of the Indian Railway’s South Western Zone. Karnataka has an intrastate rail network that is decently laid out. The Konkan Railway links the Karnataka coastal area with Mumbai, Kochi, and Goa.

Here are the Best Places to Visit in Karnataka

1. Bangalore

The state capital of Karnataka is Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore. It is situated on the Deccan Plateau in Southern India. The city is a fusion of modern traditions. The different ethnic groups that live there celebrate their cultural festivities. The ‘Silicon Valley‘ is commonly referred to as the centre of IT growth in India. In Bangalore Tourism, you will try the most thrill activities on the picturesque areas. Treks or walks in places such as Ramanagara, Nandi Hills, Savandurga and Narayanagiri are magnificent trekking activities in Karnataka. For a rejuvenating experience you can also try camping and fishing here.

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2. Hampi

As declared by UNESCO, Hampi is one of the World Heritage Sites. On the banks of Tungabhadra, this site includes ancient ruins and relics of the Kingdom of Vijayanagar. The skill and mastery of the old craftsmen is demonstrated by roches and stone carvings. It’s the ideal tourist destination for history lovers. In Hampi Tourism, there are 500 splendid houses, all of which have their own legends.

3. Kanakapura

Kanakapura is one of the towns in the Karnataka state nestled in lush green forests and flowing waterfalls. This place is located just 55 km from Bengaluru, making it a great getaway from the busy city. Another explanation why this small town in Ramanagara entices many wildlife enthusiasts is being tucked into the Turahalli Forest on the banks of the burbling River Arkavathi.

4. Mysore

Mysore is one of Karnataka’s oldest towns and second largest. It was the former Mysore King City, which ruled the country until the 20th century for 100 years. In Mysore Tourism there are plenty of stunning palaces, museums, temples and elegant patrimony structures. One of Mysore’s main attractions is also the attractive Brindavan Gardens. It is about 184 km from Mysore to Bangalore Airport.

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5. Coorg

Wake up to the scent of calm coffee and admire the picturesque beauty of this foggy land of hills and rivers. Coorg Tourism has become popularly known as Scotland in India with a mix of culture, luxury, adventure and mouthwatering cuisine. This popular coffee making hill station situated along the western ghats, is renowned for its pristine and opulent landscape.

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6. Shivanasamudra waterfalls

Shivanasamudra waterfall is a magnificent sight, particularly in the mountain months, in Karnataka district of Mandya. This is a sequentially separated dropping, with streams running parallel, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. The throat is deep and it is not possible to swim, but visitors may enjoy swimming in the place where the intensity of the water decreases. Bangalore airport is about 175 kilometres away and Mysore is 80 kilometres from the Shivanasamudra fall.

7. Shimoga

Shimoga, a beautiful city on the banks of the river Tunga in central Karnataka. Luscious green landscapes, coconut palms and abundant waterfalls surround this area. Shimoga Tourism has a rich tradition, art and culture in religious history. shimoga. The city’s main cultural venues are ‘Kuvarna Rangamandira,’ ‘Karnataka Sangha,’ the newly constructed ‘Suvarna Samskruthi Bhavana‘. The dance drama, Yakshagana, is popular in district Thirthahalli, Hosanagara, Sagar, and Sorab Taluks, and is also performed at Shimoga, which feeds the tourist attractions of Shimoga.

8. Dandeli

Dandeli has become a popular tourist destination over the last couple of years. Due to its hilly land, its rich green forests and fascinating wildlife, it is an aventure hot spot for trekking. For a thrill seeker, Dandeli is the ideal for tourist. Kali River in Dandeli offers boating trips and kayaking.

9. Gokarna

Gokarna, a town in the district of Karnataka, is etymologically translated into ‘cow’s ear,’ where Lord Shiva came from Mother Earth’s Incarnation as a cow, as believed. It is a town of Lord Shiva. The city is interspersed with old temples and has one of the oldest since ancient times known as Mahabaleshwar, consecrated by Lord Shiva. Karwar is approximately 59 km, Bengaluru 483 km and Mangalore 238 km.

10. Nandi hills

Situated east of Bangalore, Nandi Hills Tourism provides tourists with pristine lakes, timeless landmarks, temples and postcards as views from the mountain tops. The cool foggy weather, leading tourists away from monotony and noise of the cities, is the best attractions of this hill resort.

Explore these amazing places to see in Karnataka and share your amazing experience with us!