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Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful place to visit. A ideal place to relax and interact more with the wild. The name means “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.” It is the main state in the northeastern part of India in the seven sister states. The bulk of the Monpa community are ethnically diverse. The Tani, the Tai, and the Naga are among the others. The state is called Botanists’ Paradise and is often referred to as the Indian Orchid State. The atmosphere of this state also shifts at altitude as the state increases. The most diverse of birds and mammals in the world is also Arunachal Pradesh. For a unique experience check out our Travel Blog about Arunachal Pradesh Tourism.

Top 10 must visit places in Arunachal Pradesh

Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh

While Arunachal Pradesh’s climate and beauty are attractive throughout the year, there is something different to offer every season, albeit equally beautiful. Winter is the perfect time to visit, though! You get a stunning view of the mountains, misty valleys and a beautiful carpet of virgin snow during the months from October to March. On the snowy mountain slopes, Tawang also gives you an exciting experience of winter sports.

How To Reach Arunachal Pradesh

By Air: Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t have an airport of its own. If you want to fly to Arunachal, you’ve got two options: Lilabari Airport in North Lakhimpur and Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, both in Assam.

By Rail: A train ride within Arunachal Pradesh is a feast for the eyes, and along the way you’ll come across some of the most beautiful sights. The mountains could slow you down, but the bargain offers some breath-taking views. Arunachal Pradesh’s Naharlagun railway station is the nearest to its state capital, Itanagar.

By Road: Trains and airplanes can be the fastest way to reach Arunachal Pradesh, but the most fascinating one is a road trip. Your driving skills will test the winding mountain roads and awe you with breathtaking views. From a photo postcard, the surreal landscape seems straight out. Although snaking sinuously across the mountains and through the valleys, winding roads add an element of drama.

Now Coming to top attractions, here are the must-see places in Arunachal Pradesh…

1. Tawang

Tawang Tourism, waterfall and spiritual value are popular amidst the beautiful Himalayas. If you want to appreciate nature’s beauty or discover the riches of North Eastern heritage, the city has something for both. The picturesque hill station is also renowned for its many Buddhist convents, which see a huge influx of travelers year round. The sights of Tawang will spoil you with options, ranging from the hymnic Gudpi to the Ethereal Tawang Valley and the Madhuri Pool. Without walking on the magnificent Gorichen Top, which gives surreal views of the area, this place cannot be left. But if you want to experience any thrilling sports of adventure, come here in winter, when you have plenty of skiing possibilities.

2. Dirang

Dirang Tourism is for visitors of all kinds. This place is mostly loved by the backpackers because of their experience. Dirang, located in the west of the Kameng area, is one of the best visits for tourist during the year. The good weather is also due to the altitude of the place as it is 4,600 ft high. When you visit Dirang, you can also discover different tribes living there and their culture and customs for its picturesque view. The hot water spring, Dirang Dzong and the Yak Research Center are some of the must-see places in Dirang. These aspects make this a place in your life.

3. Itanagar

Itanagar is the state capital and well connected city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. The city provides a variety of rich architectural wonders apart from the state administrative headquarters. The historic Ita Fort is constructed of special bricks and is socio-cultural in significance. This place can be explored for a simple holidaymaker to an archaeologist. The legendary Ganga Lake in Itanagar is situated 6 km away from the centre of the town and is a renowned picnic spot. The Museum of Jawaharlal Nehru is a magnificent repository of Arunachal indigenous tribal history. Astonishingly yellow roofed shrine is Gompa Buddha Vihar. From the Gompa premise you can see the surrounding countryside. Buy attractive products from Craft Center and Emporium on some locals’ items, walls, herbal yarns and bamboo/cane.

4. Ziro valley

Ziro Valley Tourism is a picturesque paradise in Arunachal Pradesh that has long been a world heritage site of great popularity. Subsequently, the valley is lush green paddy fields and home to the Apatanic tribe. Its green grassland is an ideal place to picnic or camp out, particularly on the hill called Ziro Puto. Even though Ziro is visited by many people for only its scenic locations, the valley also has a range of key attractions including the Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, the town centre of Hapoli, and the Siddheshwarnath Temple, which contains a natural Shiva Lingam, which was discovered about a decade ago. Ziro does not have direct air or rail connections, but must be reached through neighbouring cities like Guwahati.

5. Pasighat

In addition to the Himalayas and the Siang River Valley, Pasighat’s also known as the “Gateway to the Arunachal.” It has been founded in 1911 and makes the oldest city of Arunachal Pradesh a great destination to learn about the culture and tradition of the local people. Rafting, fishing, fishing, boating, safari, nature photography and trekking can be enjoyed here in Pasighat Tourism. The sites that will make your visit in this town unforgettable will be the Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Kekar Monying, Pangin, Pasighat Buddhist Temple, the Bodak Scenic Area, etc.

6. Tezu

Tezu Tourism place is an area of tourism and in Arunachal Pradesh it is one of the most popular places to visit. It is in the middle of the picturesque hills of Mishmi. Furthermore, this city has plenty to do including the wildlife sanctuary, the botanical garden and many other things. The Glow lake near the snow-covered mountains is one of the most famous spots in Tezu. This city gives both nature and culture a dual experience. You will feel so relaxed and the atmosphere in the city is great. This is easily one of Arunachal Pradesh’s best places to visit.

7. Bomdila

Bomdila Tourism is in Arunachal Pradesh an enticing summer holiday. This place is a great destination for family trips and will encourage you to come closer. Walk through the land to see the Himalayan peaks and better views of Kangto and Gorichen Mountain, which are covered with snow. You can walking through hills of various levels or simply walk along the long quiet roads on the luxury pistes if you are adventurous enough. Apart from this, the Bomdila Monastery, which is rich in art, craft, is the most significant sight in the region. Samples of local crafts are seen in the local handicraft centre. Above all, visit the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, where 2600 orchids of 80 species are cultivated, are ready for a short walk. To witness the cultivation of orchids trekking trails more closely is established which is really incredible.

8. Namdapha

In India there are only 20 locations where the red panda can be found. The Namdapha National Park is one such location in India. Wherever Red Panda is, your population must be protected because it is rare. This is the third largest park and also a hotspot for the country’s biodiversity. In addition, this is the park where all four big cats, including the tiger, leopard, leopard and snow leopard, are housed. Definitely, all these things about Arunachal Pradesh make it one of the best places to visit.

9. Roing

True to its name, the city is situated next to the Dibang River, adding both elegance and tranquilly to its atmosphere as it flows through. Roing Tourism is a treasure trove for educational, hiking and historical enthusiasts. Roing has a magnificent history and sites which make you curious. You can also hike to a few places to experience the vibrant sunset or the lake to enjoy boating in the middle of the lush woodlands and enjoy the natural magnificence. However, visitors of this exciting site do not overlook Mayudia, Bhismaknagar Fort, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehao Lake, Sally Lake, Nijomaghat, Rukminsi Nati etc.

10. Sangti Valley

The Sangti Valley Tourism is best described as ‘a slice of the sky’ because of its natural beauty. The Sangti Valley sits in the Eastern Himalayan lap about 15 km from Dirang. One of the key reasons for peaceful trips is that it’s not the most popular tourist destination to visit the Sangti valley. Additionally, the mountains, rivers and water, as a splendid sight, will catch your spirit. It’s time to see a lot of migratory birds migrate here in November and December. It’s going to be a wonderful experience. Besides this, there is a wide range of wildlife. This makes it one of the best places to relax and spend your time stress-free. Choose the Sangti Valley if you want calm to ease your tension.

Explore these amazing places to see in Arunachal Pradesh and share your amazing experience with us!