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Thanks to its world-class vineyards, great weather, food scene, beaches and even a few ski hills, the city of Kelowna is a favourite holiday spot throughout the year. While Kelowna wine tours are undoubtedly the main attraction for most visitors, there are many other great attractions to check out, lakes and surrounding mountains, the main attraction of the area, create the ideal setting for outdoor recreation.
In this area of the interior of BC, boating, swimming, sandy beaches, hiking, biking, skiing, and great dining are just some of the things to do. See our list of top tourist attractions and things to do in Kelowna for ideas about how to spend your time.

Best Time to Visit Kelowna

Kelowna is a year round destination with something to do all around the year but it is best to visit the city between the month of July to September as it is the best time to enjoy the best of what Kelowna has to offer.

How to Reach Kelowna

By Air: With more than 70 commercial flights daily, Kelowna International Airport (YLW) is one of the busiest airports in Canada. YLW is located 14km north of downtown Kelowna, parallel to Highway 97.

By Drive: Driving to Kelowna is a refreshingly accessible and scenic outing. Add to that, well-maintained highways with 4 lanes most of the way and it’s often a preferred choice.

By Bus: Bus services provide scheduled services in BC on a daily basis. This is the best way for you if you don’t want to drive but want to explore and travel by road.

Now Coming to top attractions, here are the must see places in Kelowna

1. Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake tourism in Kelowana

With over 30 beaches throughout the region, Okanagan Lake is known for its beaches. There are many beaches furnished with playgrounds, concessions, and toilets. The stunning Okanagan Lake stretches from north (Vernon) to south (Penticton). For locals and visitors alike, the lake is the main recreation playground, offering sailing, houseboating, power boating, parasailing, swimming, and beaches, plus many scenic drives along its shores.

2. Kelowna City Park

A leafy 32-acre park set on the waterfront is Kelowna’s City Park. It’s a perfect place in the summer for a fun family outing. Young people will surely be entertained by wide sandy beaches, offshore swimming platforms, playgrounds, and a water park. The wide paved trail that winds its way along the waterfront and provides spectacular views of the lake will be enjoyed by walkers and joggers. Large green spaces are just back from the water, ideal for a picnic or impromptu game of tag or Frisbee.

3. Okanagan Heritage Museum

Museums are living spaces, and that’s also true of the Okanagan History Museum, Kelowna’s flagship museum. Experience interesting displays and learn how the Okanagan Valley has been shaped and why biodiversity is highly sponsored. Move into the life of the people of Syilx/Okanagan and gain insights into their near relationship with the land. Learn about the arrival of merchants and immigrants, and peek at the first “Chinatown” store windows.

4. Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park tourism kelowna

Located next to the Grand Hotel in the city centre on Water Lane, Waterfront Park is complete with a concession stand and washroom facilities. This park, running around the lakeshore, has a big boardwalk that meanders all the way to City Park along the water’s edge. Perfectly landscaped parks, public art and plenty of views of the city await. It is easy to find wonderful gardens, mature trees and a variety of public art in the park. Moving near the river, the boardwalk connects with City Park.

5. Mission Creek Regional Park

Mission Creek Regional Park Tourism

Mission Creek Regional Park provides a spot for year-round picnics, sports and discovery. Throughout the forest, there are several basic hiking trails. A fun family attraction in Kelowna, Mission Creek is a perfect spot to visit to get a little exercise. It provides playing fields, a shallow waterfall, and lots of green space for picnics or sports. Extensive walking trails are well marked and level through the woods and around the small creek, ideal for cycle riding or pushing a stroller.

6. Safari Ridge Adventure Park

Safari Ridge Adventure Park tourism

Enjoy Most Amazing Adventure Games! New Air and 3 acres of Space to Fly. Safari Ridge is happy to make it memorable for your day. There are numerous adventurous games in this area, such as paintball, laser tag arenas, archery games and several more. This adventure park is remembered for the adventure games it delivers. The park has an amusement area that makes for all types of play. There are numerous adventurous games in this area, such as paintball, laser tag arenas, archery games and several more.

7. Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Myra Canyon Adventure Park tourism

Myra Canyon Adventure Park has plenty for everybody, just above Kelowna and below the popular Myra Canyon Trestles. Climb the trestles in our top tree course, walk or cycle, saddle one of our horses or just enjoy the view. For all ages, a great adventure. In the heart of Canada’s Okanagan valley, Myra Canyon Adventure Park is your starting point for outdoor family fun and sports. Myra Canyon Adventure Park has a variety of opportunities for exploring the scenic and historic Provincial Park of Myra-Bellevue.

8. Kelowna Mountain

Kelowna Mountain tourism

A 6000 sq ft Welcome Centre with a Park Info Area, Gift Shop, Snack Shop and Public Washrooms is part of Kelowna Mountain. The park has a parking lot for 250 cars, and parking is free. At Kelowna Mountain, there is a free viewing area, but if you want to do the Bridge Tours, then there is a fee to do so. There are currently four Suspension Bridges in the park, a Cliff Walk, Water Fall that only runs from 11-3 pm, a dining Cave, Nature Walk, BC’s Largest Sundial.

9. Kelowna Corn Maze

Kelowna Corn Maze Tourism

Since 2011, the Kelowna Corn Maze has hosted Kelowna families and people from all over the world. The architecture of the labyrinth varies every year. The labyrinth opens up shows for spooky fun after the sun goes down. Be ready to turn a corner and see a magic soup blended by three witches or a crazy man running freakish tests. Don’t worry, all these animatronics are there for fun.

10. Kasugai Gardens

Kasugai Gardens Tourism kelowna

One of the most unique parks in Kelowna is Kasugai Garden Park. To show the relationship and union between Kelowna and its sister town in Kasugai, Japan, the garden was completed in 1987. In Japanese gardens, the park incorporates traditional features that are noteworthy, such as stone lanterns, pine trees, waterfalls and a pond stocked with Koi. It is a stunning mix of rock, roads, plants and water.

Explore these amazing places to see in Kelowna and share your amazing experience with us!