Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a tier 2 city located within the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is one amongst the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh. It is an ancient town in central India on the shores of the holy stream the Narmada and the tributary plains of the Hiran, Gour, Ken and Sone rivers. Today the city is an important administrative, industrial and business center of MP and India. The folks in this city are very artistic and culture-oriented. It is considered friendly to sing songs for no reason at all. Unlike other cities in India, most educated people here are only good with Hindi and local variants of the language. Jabalpur is bound to amaze you, whichever direction you turn to, reminiscent of your trips to fun-fairs as a child.


September to March months is the best time to visit the city as the temperatures are moderate and range between 5°C and 29°C. You will be able to explore and walk around the city comfortably during this time of the year. The summer months and must be avoided as the region experiences soaring temperatures which often reach an uncomfortable 40°C. One must visit the city during the monsoon season only if one enjoys the rains as sightseeing during the rains is bound to be somewhat messy. Also, most national parks are closed during this season.


BY AIR: Jabalpur is well-connected with the other Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi, Rajkot, Chandigarh and Aurangabad via air. Jabalpur Airport is also known as Dumna Airport is the closest airport that serves the city. The major flights are Air India Regional and Spice-Jet.

BY ROAD: Jabalpur is well-connected with the other Indian states and cities via its bus services. Regular public bus service is available from Jabalpur that connects the other cities of Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Nagpur, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, etc. The national highways like Varanasi-Kanyakumari Road NH7 and Jabalpur-Jaipur Road NH12, pass through Jabalpur.

BY TRAIN: Jabalpur Junction is an important railway junction station that serves the Jabalpur city. Jabalpur is directly connected with the major cities of India like Jammu, Amritsar, Chennai, New Delhi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kolkata, Dhanbad, Bilaspur, and many other cities. It is connected with Katni to the north east, Itarsi to the southwest and Gondia, Nainpur and Balaghat to the south by narrow-gauge line.

Now Coming to top attractions, here are the must-see places in Jabalpur…

1. Dhuandhar falls

The Dhuandhar Falls, located on Narmada River in Bhedaghat, is 30 meters high. The word Dhuandhar is derived from two Hindi words: Dhuan (smoke) + Dhar (flow) that means a falls where we tend to get smoke-flow like feeling. The Narmada River makes its way through the world-famous Marble Rocks which narrows down and then plunges in a waterfall known as Dhuandhar. One can reach the Dhuandhar waterfall from the east bank as well as from the west bank of Narmada River. To see the other side of Dhuandhar Waterfall is the Cable Car Service available at Bhedaghat.

Opening time: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM, opens every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: Nature lovers, photo fanatics, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 24.8 km

2. Bhedaghat marble rocks

Marble Rock is one of the popular Indian tourist destinations. The native marble is mined and carved into various figures. They are then transported all over India. These marble rocks are beautiful and people, who wish to look at them closely, can take a boat ride or cable car ride which will take them through the beauty of those rocks. Here one can see beautiful white, black and brown colored marbles. The reflection of marble rocks in the flowing water looks dreamy.

Opening time: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM, opens every day of the week

Entry fee: Rs. 300 per person

Ideal for: Nature lovers, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 32.8 km

3. Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal is a suburban area for the historical Durgavati fort. It is situated at a hilltop and is a couple of kilometers away from the city. Madan Mahal Fort was engineered by the Raja Madan Singh. The fort is also associated with the king’s mother, Rani Durgavati, who happened to be a valiant Gond ruler of the place. This fort, which is at ruins at present, does speak about the aura of Rani Durgavati and her fully equipped administration and military. The main pleasure chamber of the royal family is war room, the small reservoir and the stable which are worth visiting.

Opening time: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM, opens every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: History buffs, photo fanatics, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 7 Km

4. Balancing Rock

A balancing rock is also called balanced rock or precarious boulder. It is a naturally occurring geological formation which includes an over-sized rock or boulder, sometimes of significant size, resting on other rocks, bedrock, or on glacial till. The higher rock balances on the bottom rock. The area where the two rocks are in contact with each other is about 6 sq in. These rocks have sustained a powerful earthquake of 6.2 on the Richter scale and have not fallen apart. Many visitors come to visit this unique sight. The physics of these rocks has also attracted a lot of geologists who keep visiting this place.

Opening time: 10:30 am – 06:00 pm, open every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: experience seekers

Distance from the station: 6.5 Km

5. Chausath Yogini Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple is one amongst the oldest heritage sites in India. It was constructed in the 10th Century AD by the Kalachuri kingdom and encompasses a distinct similarity to the temples of Khajuraho in structure.  It is close to the river Narmada and the famous Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat. Though the temple has been partially damaged, it speaks greatly of the ancient dynasties that ruled in Jabalpur. It is placed on a hilltop. One must climb 150 plus steps to succeed in reaching the temple. The temple appears stunning in sunlight and inside the idols of the Mother Goddess and Lord Shiva lend a divine aura.

Opening time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, opens every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal For: History buffs, photo fanatics

Distance from the station: 20.8 Km

6. Bargi Dam

Bargi Dam is one of the first completed dams out of the chain of 30 major dams to be constructed on Narmada River.  The total length of the dam is 1312 km and covers an area of 1072 km in Madhya Pradesh. This majestic dam is 69 meters high and a lake from it flows which is 75 km in length and 4.5 km in width. The magnificent picture of the Bargi Dam is a treat to the senses for a traveler in Jabalpur. The dam has a magnificent view.

Opening time: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm, open every day of the week

Entry fee: Rs. 60 per person

Ideal for: photo fanatics, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 32.9 Km

7. Pisanhari Ki Madiya

Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a famous Jain pilgrimage which is located near the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur. It is known for the last 500 years for its extraordinary story of dedicated and God-loving women who built it. Pisanhari Ki Madiya is believed to be engineered by a woman whose name is lost in history. Once she heard the preaching of a Jain monk and was influenced to build a Jain temple. The Pisanhari Ki Madiya is jam-packed with lush greenery and eye-catching stunning hilly area. The surrounding is ideal for meditation and other rituals. It is a very popular Digambar Jain pilgrimage.

Opening time: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, open every day of the week except Sunday

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: god lovers, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 8.3 Km

8. Tilwara Ghat

Tilwara Ghat Jabalpur encompasses a special place within the Indian history as the place from where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed into the Narmada river. It is also the place for the opening session of the Tripuri Congress in 1939. Tilwara Ghat in Jabalpur in India is located on the banks of the river Narmada and is regarded to be holy like the Ganga. Tilwara Ghat Madhya Pradesh is the best developed among the several ghats around the Narmada river and has the Gandhi Smarak. One of the most important attractions of Jabalpur, the famous Marble Rocks is set nearby.

Opening time: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM, open every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: Nature lovers, experience seekers

Distance from the station: 12.9 Km

9. Bhawartal Garden

Located within the heart of the Jabalpur city in Old Napier Town, Bhawartal Garden may be a public park replete with slides, swings, toy trains and abundant leafage all around. The park is popular amongst the elderly for yoga sessions and early morning walks. And during the day the park is thronged by kids and families for picnics and recreation. Statue of Gond Queen Rani Durgawati and her royal stately elephant in the middle of the park is a brought attraction. Equally charming are the tribal paintings at the bridge and surrounding partitions. A walk through the garden is very relaxing and lifts the tensions from one’s mind.

Opening time: 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM, open every day of the week

Entry fee: Rs 20 per person

Ideal for: Nature lovers, Experience seekers

Distance from the station: 2.3 Km

10. Sangram Sagar Lake

The Sangram Sagar Lake is set 15 kilometers away from the city and in every of the foremost sorted tourist destinations of the city. This lake is set close to a fort named Bajnamath, that is in style for its medieval design given to it by king Sangram Shah. This king was a renowned Gond ruler and he engineered more such masterpieces throughout the years between 1480 and 1540. Except for its fort, this lake is additionally in style for its sizable amount of aquatic creatures.

Opening time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, opens every day of the week

Entry fee: N/A

Ideal for: photo fanatics, nature lovers

Distance from the station: 9.3 Km

Explore these amazing places to see in Jabalpur and share your amazing experience with us!