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Tamil Nadu is a fascinating part of South India, with its distinctive ancient Dravidian history. The state attracts towering, complex temples both visitors and pilgrims. Beaches and hill station are also popular destinations in Tamil Nadu. The state also hosted the eldest civilizations and saw the rule of different ancient dynasties such as the Chera, Chola and Pandya which governed the area between 300 BC and 300 AD.

Do you need a soothing or mystical holiday to ponder the magic of cosmic powers? Tamil Nadu caters to your needs, so for you to quench your appetite for adventure, it is the right travel destination in India. Check out our list of 10 Incredible places to visit in Tamil Nadu to have a life long memories.

What is the Best time to visit in Tamil Nadu?

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is during the winter period,  between November and February, when the temperature is relatively low and the attraction in the state is fun to explore. Torrential downflow triggered by moonsoons makes it unreasonable for people to travel through Tamil Nadu.

How To Reach Tamil Nadu?

By Air: The fourth busiest airport in India is Chennai International Airport (MAA), about 21 kilometers away from the city center. The airport in Chennai provides domestic flights as well as direct flights to international destinations. Coimbatore International Airport, Madurai International Airport, and Tiruchirapalli International Airport are the three other international airports in Tamil Nadu. In comparison, the two other domestic airports are Salem Airport and Tuticorin Airport.

By Road: The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TSTC) and the State Express Transport Corporation control road transport in Tamil Nadu. There are frequent buses that run between major tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, both government and private. Big sightseeing tours are organised via road transport to temples in Tamil Nadu.

By Rail: In Tamil Nadu, the train route stretches across a wide area. The Southern Railway, with its headquarters in the capital city of Chennai, occupies a wide region of Tamil Nadu. Chennai Central is the main railway station in Tamil Nadu. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tamil Nadu, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway links Ooty Hill Station to Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore District. Madurai, Katpadi, Salem, Tiruchirappalli, and Coimbatore Junction are among the other major train stations in Tamil Nadu. A suburban railway network also serves Chennai.

Here are the Best Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

1. Ooty

Sometimes named the Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty is one of India’s best Hill Stations, and one of the top tourist resorts in Tamilnadu. Ooty, Udagamandalam known too. It has tea gardens, calm waterfalls, winding country paths and lovely colonial architecture. An incredible paradise for nature lovers, Ooty is a popular colonial weekend and summer trip for the British. The rolling hills, lush green foliage and nebulous scenery attract numerous visitors. The must include Ooty Lake, Botanical Garden, Wenlock Downs and Rose Garden in Ooty tour packages. Places must be included. The toy rails, which run from Mettupalayam to Ootia, are known as the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO world heritage site and a must.

2. Chennai

Chennai is one of Tamil Nadu’s largest cities on the coast of south-eastern India. It also houses flourishing technology, making it one of Asia’s largest IT parks. Through his journey to become Chennai from Madras, the city has truly retained its charism. Chennai’s bold fragrance, friendly hospitality and colourful culture, which often impress the traveller, is widely known.
Buzzing markets, beautiful historical temples, shopping arcades and striking beaches definitely appeal to Chennai tourists. This city gives you a chance to ride in the broad sky and to sail across the expansive sea in the water currents. Paragliding is a must attempt to thrill here.

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3. Rameshwaram

It is situated on a lovely island, Rameshwaram is one of the holiest places in India. It is divided from Sri Lanka by a narrow Pamban pipe. This is the place where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka, according to the Hindu Legends. Rameshwaram is on the lower side of India’s beautiful island. In this spot, Lord Shiva is also worshipped.
The Ramanathaswamy Temple is known for being the longest corridor in the world with its majestic Prakara with huge carved pillars on either side. Agniteertham is famous because of its holy waters. Pilgrims play poojas on this shore in honour of their ancestors. Hanuman Temple has five faces and features the floating stone used to build the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

4. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is one of the popular pilgrimage sites to be visited as part of Tamil Nadu Tour, situated at the south tip of the Indigenous peninsula. It is a tourist site of great natural beauty and is very popular. Swami Vivekananda has been living and meditating here for a while. Located at the confluence of Bengal Bay, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the rare spectacle of the Sunset and the Moonrise can be experienced on full moon days at the same time. Kumariamman Temple is one of the most important attractions of Kanyakumari. Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Suchindram, Pechiparai Reserve, Gandi Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue.

5. Pondicherry

Pondicherry (Pudducherry), a loving child of the French and Indian cultures, is a united beachside city in Tamil Nadu. This French capital city of India will make you feel like being out of India sometime while visiting places such as the Rock Beach, Pondicherry Beach, Serenity Beach or the Botanical Gardens. And best to see Pondicherry with the same concept is to visit Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram, where people from around the world come to spirit through yoga and meditation to pursue spirituality.

Pondicherry also offers you incredible nightlife, offering great music and tasty cocktails through various clubs and beach parties. There is so much to do and experience, that you won’t want to return to the picturesque French city of India more and more.

6. Chidambaram

The pilgrimage town of Chidambaram is Tamil Nadu. The Chidambaram Temple is famous for the Nataraja Temple and one of Southern India’s most celebrated sanctuaries, as well as a prominent site of Tamilnadu.
The town is also famous for the Thillai Temple Nataraja and the annual chariot festival in April. The town is also called Thillai. The Chidambaram Nataraja has a great significance both religious and historical as well as cultural.

7. Coimbatore

It is also known as Coimbatore or Kovai are most south-facing and offer many items to its visitors. No justice you can do while in this place except enjoy the beauty and splendour of the place. The green hills, the big ghats and the lovely waterfalls – Coimbatore is one of the most famous spot. The town is distinct from a socioeconomic, educational, geographical and ethnic point of view. Charming its way through the city provides endless events in all corners of the place.
The town is situated on the southwest side of the river Noyyal. The western Ghats make up the north and west area, with the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in the north being the main location of the place. Coimbatore contains eight other large tanks and wetlands. The following are: Kumaraswami, Krishnampathi, Selvampathy, Selvachinthamani, Valankulam, Ukkadam Périyakulam, Singanallur.

8. Mahabalipuram

Popular for its well-known and historically significant and well-loved temples and cellar, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram on the Coromandel Coast in the Bay of Bengal, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram was later renamed Mamallapuram, once a dwelling place for the famous demon king, Mahabali.
The serenity, the environment and the beautiful setting with many beautiful white sandy beaches with casuarine trees all make for why you want to visit this beautiful place.
A UNESCO World Heritage Group of monuments such as the Shore Temple and the Five Rathas, Crocodile Bank, home to some exquisite crocodile and alligator species and beach resorts in Kovalam and Sadras, is one of some famous sights for tourists.

9. Krishnagiri

Due to its strikingly beautiful contrasting landscape of green forests and black granite rocks from the Paleolithic Period, Krishnagiri is one of Tamil Nadu’s most scenic areas to visit. Apart from their natural beauty, the place with its old temples, museums and lovely gardens is visited by people from all over the world. The other claim to fame of Krishnagiri is its homegrown mangoes, which are carried throughout the country and around the world.

Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeeth Tirth Dham, this is the highest Jain Temple in the world and consists of 24 tirthankars, at the height of 365 ft. A visit to the Krishnagiri Museum is a must for travellers interested in history. The Protagonists of the Palaeological, Neolithic, and Megalithic Ages can be seen in stones, instruments, rock paintings, pottery, and sculptures. The 2000-year-old Kattuveera Anjaneya Temple is another big attraction. In the magnificent stone architecture of the temple, this revered site consists of a rare Nandi monolith.

10. Madurai

The most spectacular and powerful temple is the ancient madurai in Tamil Nadu, the Meenakshi temple in southern India. Madurai City is more than 4,000 years old and has been an important cultural and learning hub of Tamil history. At the heyday of Nayak’s history, many splendid temples and buildings were built, with superb architecture. In April of every year in Madurai the 12 day Chithirai Festival will take place, featuring a celestial wedding of God and Goddess.

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Explore these amazing places to see in Tamil Nadu and share your amazing experience with us!