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Nagaland, the hilly region of north-East India, with its majestic hills and beautiful valleys, is a wonderful tourist destination. The people are curious, warm, informal, relatively new to tourism and open to the attraction of visitors. Nagaland Tourism boasts an overabundance of native flora and fauna and even few medicinal plants, wonderfully nestled in the lush and green sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate. Nagaland is a lovely destination in India and has some famous places to visit. The soothing and humming sound of wild cicadas and lovely rolling ranch lands and white fluffy clouds hovering overhead can be immersed in the freshness of fine scents in the air.

What is the Best time to visit in Nagaland?

The state sees high rainfall and humidity and visitors normally avoid this season because during this period it is normal to have landslides and road blockages. Owing to the high altitude, summers are warmer than the rest of India and are suitable for visiting the Nagaland forests and mountains. Since temperatures are low to moderate, winter is the favoured season and visiting the cities during this period is an absolute breeze.

How To Reach Nagaland?

By Air: If you intend to visit the airways on a holiday in Nagaland, then there is only one airport, i.e. Airport in Dimapur. It is the only airport with daily flights in Nagaland. One must enter Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata for international flights. We can conveniently get overnight buses from Guwahati and Kolkata to reach Nagaland.

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By Road: Nagaland has a strong national and state highway network that links all its cities to all of India’s major hubs. An overnight bus from Guwahati, easily accessible from the railway station, airport, and ISBT, is the best way to reach Nagaland by road.

By Rail: On the Lumding-Dibrugarh section, Dimapur railway station is the only railway station in Nagaland, accessible only to Assam. Trains are accessible from anywhere in India to reach Assam. Instead of taking another flight, one can even take an overnight bus from Assam to reach Nagaland.

Here are the Best Places to Visit in Nagaland

1. Dimapur

Dimapur officially welcomes you to Nagaland, considered to be the state’s entry point. It is a well connected town with excellent road conditions and beautiful scenery. The city gives nature and history lovers plenty of opportunities. Kachari Ruins from the 13th century are among the most attractive places in Dimapur while the remains are proof of the invasion of Ahom.

2. Nagaland state museum, Kohima

The National Museum of Nagaland talks volumes of the cultural and commendable history of this state. The 16 Naga tribes in the state primarily contribute to the culture and customs. The museum preserves valuable items, including paintings, jewellery, traditional costumes, inscriptions, musical instruments, etc.

3. Tuensang

Tuensang is the headquarters of the district of Tuensang, Nagaland’s easternmost, biggest and right flanked by Myanmar. In addition to Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung, it is one of the largest city centres in Nagaland and a top tourist destination in Nagaland.
Tuensang is one of Nagaland’s fastest growing cities.

4. Khonoma Village

Khonoma Village is 20 km away in Kohima and belongs to the Angami Naga ethnic community in Nagaland. The town is a big part of the tourism of Nagaland and is renowned for its spectacular views. When you reach the venue, you’ll see peaceful terrace fields, amazing misty valleys and an atmosphere ready to put you in contact with nature. In the Nagaland mountain base, the village is one of Nagaland’s best-known tourist destinations and is part of a Nagaland tour.

5. Phek

Phek is a mountainous region full of fauna and flora. Shilloi Lake is an important attraction, apart from the spell-bounding hills. Kapamodz and Zanibou are the major mountains and spellbound hills in Phek district while Tizu, Lanye and Sedzu are the main rivers. The orchid of Phek waterfall feels like applying just the right icing to this holiday destination. Nagaland offbeat is full of colours and festivities that can make it more dynamic for visitors.

6. Mokokchung

After Kohima and Dimapur, Mokokchung is the prominent urban and touristic hub of Nagaland. The birthplace of the Ao Naga is the town’s main park and the Ao village, and many of the hidden gems hidden in this urban habitat. You will visit places such as the Langpangkong, Longkhum, Chuchuyimlang, and Mopungchukit, which have been preserved in the Museum of District.

7. Mon

Mon is a fascinating place to visit in Nagaland, the nation of Konyak Nagas. Popular with tattoo warriors on their face, skills in the hunting of their heads and black teeth in Nagaland, Mon is a fascinating location. The Konyaks call themselves Noah’s descendants and practise farming; they are believed to have the best harvest in the state.

8. Kohima

Kohima, Nagaland’s capital, is without doubt Nagaland’s most charming town. Despite its commercial nature, Kohima remains one of the most charismatic destinations in the state and has not lost its natural charms. The mixture of the ancient and the modern has coloured this city, and Kohima is an indelible landmark for the state.

9. Dzukou Valley

The Valle Dzukou is situated at the borders of Manipur with Nagaland, with its flowering of exotic lily and green carpeted valleys. The valley is renowned for its rolling hills and for its tourism in Nagaland. As one of Nagaland’s most popular sights, the valley offers the ideal setting for an exceptionally unforgettable Nagaland experience.

10. Wokha

Wokha is Nagaland’s wonderful gift of nature. Wokha is a paradise for nature lovers and is dotted with vibrant orchards, tapestry with varied flowers and bordered by the hills and rivers. This district is a great spot to bask and look at the beauty of nature about 4 hours by car from Kohima. A tourist village in the district of Wokha above Riphyim is renowned for the splendid views of a dam on the river Donyan.

Explore these amazing places to see in Nagaland and share your amazing experience with us!