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Switzerland is a mountainous country in central Europe with many lakes, villages and high alpine peaks. The Country is perhaps small, but there are many great places to visit. Switzerland has something for all, from stunning peaks to dreamy Turkish lakes to countryside full of ancient wonders.
It was surprising that so many of their cities lay in such a magnificent setting, with the multitude of stunning lakes, mountains and rivers that dotted Switzerland. Castles and churches are overwhelmingly constructed over the red rooftops, while the ancient lined streets take you to still more spectacular sights.

What is the Best time to visit Switzerland?

Winter and summer are good times to visit Switzerland, since both skiing and hiking are common in mountainous areas. Skiing is ideal in January and February.

Summer (June-September)

Temperature rises lead to a season of things to do, so summer is commonly known as being Switzerland’s best time. In late June, the walking season will start, opening numerous beautiful sights and trails an enjoyment for the traveler.

Autumn (September-December)

It may not be a preferred tourist season, but in autumn local people will soon talk to you about the beauty of the Swiss outdoors. The rains of Pesky summer vanish, the walking paths are empire, the days still toasty and the red and brown hues.

Winter (December-March)

Switzerland’s cold when it’s winter no matter where you are. Snow fills are also the higher Alpine areas. Therefore, this is Switzerland’s best time to go to activities such as skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

How to Reach Switzerland?

By Air: For this trip, the sheer distance that you need to cover makes air travel the most sensible and comfortable route to go to Switzerland. The good news is that choices from all major cities around the globe can be found. Zurich still has a handful of direct flights available. Zurich Airport is the country’s biggest and handles the most international flights, Geneva Airport, Basel Airport is shared by Switzerland, France and Germany, and Bern Airport is the small-scale airport of the capital city.

By Road: The highway network of Switzerland is as remarkable as that of its railways, making it easily accessible from neighbouring countries by car. Between France and Geneva, and Germany to Zurich are the most common routes you might take. So if you want to travel to Switzerland, have all your documentation on hand. On mountain roads, be careful as they can get very precarious, especially with speedy on-coming vehicles. Another alternative is to take a bus, with services including Flixbus and Eurolines operating between cities in 29 European countries, including Switzerland. The coaches are spacious, air-conditioned and have an on-board washroom.

By Rail: The excellent European rail network is one of the most scenic ways to get to Switzerland. The shared borders with France, Austria, Italy, Germany and Liechtenstein, with trains arriving from all over the continent, allow it a comfortable trip. For travellers visiting more of the world, a Eurail Pass is ideal as it provides for unrestricted train travel through 31 countries.

Now Coming to top Cities, here are the must Visit cities in Switzerland

1. Bern

The capital is practically as majestic as a postcard if seen from the top, and visitors who are searching for the quintessential Swiss experience are never unable to impress the heart of the old town. You may find a wide variety of restaurants here in Bern. In the summer, Berno has some great ice creamers when you ask just the local people which way to go. Switzerland is the perfect way to heat up in the cooler months.

2. Geneva

Geneva is a city with the supreme power in foreign relations. It is home to the Committee of the International Red Cross and the United Nations Headquarters and 20 other international organisations. Environmental travellers can appreciate the fact that Geneva is a green region, with 20 percent of its territory dedicated to parks.

It is the second largest city in the country that definitely has a luxurious feel. The city is situated on the banks of Lake Geneva and has many expensive hotels, boutiques and restaurants to choose from, but of course there is a different side to that of Geneva. Go to district like Les Grottes and Quartier des Paquis and you’ll soon find plenty of bucket bars with energy and ambiance a world far removed from the stuffy United Nations corridors.

3. Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, and is renowned in Europe for being a major financial centre. The City has plenty to give tourists while you are not part of the business world. In the beginning it is on the edge of Zurich Lake. You can stroll or bike around the shore, rent a boat, go on the water, or you can check out the beaches of some of the man and go to the cooler waters to swim at a lake.

A number of historic churches, museums of the world and renowned architecture are also located in Zurich. The SNM housed in a fairytale castle is not to be missed but is dedicated to the cultural heritage of Switzerland. Hop on the Polybahn, a 19th century funicular for spectacular views and a chance to dine on the stunning café terrace above you to see the most of Zurich possible at once.

4. Lucerne

Lucerne is Switzerland’s best picturesque city to visit. It is super compact and can be explored easily from Zurich or Bern on a day trip in the centre of the world. Often known in German is Lucerne. Just like in other towns, it’s overshadowed and picturesque by the popular Lucerne Lake. Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s lovely cities. Don’t miss walking through the historic centre of Lucerne which provides mediaeval buildings linked by the Chapel Bridge built over the River Reuss in the 14th century. The old town houses an old clock tower from the 17th century, which you can hardly overlook when exploring the area.

Lucerne is also the place to commemorate the artefacts of the military history including the Lions Monument, a tribute to the soldiers who had been killed by revolutionaries at Tuileries in France. It is evident that Lucerne is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland with its soothing feel and tonnes of scenic scenery. Hop on the Golden Pass, a scenic Lucerne-Montreux train route and enjoy an exciting tour of Switzerland’s capital. The train route is simple and suitable for those who are short. Geneva is 75 minutes from Montreux and one hour from Zurich from Lucerne makes transport easy.

5. Lugano

Because of its growing success with celebrities, Lugano has been dubbed “Swiss Monta Carlo.” The town lies on Lake Lugano, in this Alpine country’s Italian speaking section. Lugano dates back to the 9th century and was blessed with warm summers.
The beautiful little town on the lake of Lugano is on the south side of Switzerland, near Italy. One big attraction for Lugano is outdoor recreation, and in and around the region there are a number of ways to be involved. You can walk through the clearly marked Olive tree path for the day or take a dip on Lido di Lugano, which is easily accessed right next to the centre of the city. After walking around the Old Town to appreciate architecture, take a peek at the stunning and interesting Swiss Miniature Village from a specific viewpoint.

6. Basel

Basel’s strategic position right on the border with Germany and France is situated on the Rhine River and wealth has accrued in the city as trade and commerce have poured through its highways. It therefore has a host of fine old buildings and the place is rich. Some great museums and galleries are available as well.
Even if it’s not as picturesque as Bern, Basel still has a beautiful. Well-visited old town and fantastic old and modern architecture. Go to the Kleinbasel to enjoy some fine dining at the river banks to feel the ordinary life of its people.

7. Sion

This town is on the banks of the river Rhone. Sion is a town nestled in the Valley of the Rhone. In this popular city of Switzerland you will find the best scenic destinations.
There are abandoned castles and churches from the 13th Century that you can probably visit. To see the Alps in the background, so that you can hang them in memories from your trip home. Everything becomes more aromatic and spectacular with the wineries around the region. Your organic wine plays a major role in social life in Sion, since some of the oldest wines in town are made. Fantastic walking paths across the valley are also accessible.

8. Winterthur

The best city to visit in Switzerland is Winterthur in northern Switzerland, in the canton of Zurich. Winterthur is a beautiful city which travellers often forget. It’s all about architecture, history and stunning natural landscapes. Winterthur is Switzerland’s sixth-largest city. In the canton, they hold a high-tech industrial satellite. With a lively town centre full of activity, Winterthur has a Medieval old world charm. Shops, restaurants, markets and museums can be explored, all of which keep you involved. The largest collections of art can be found in Winterthur.

9. Chur

Chur is the oldest city in Switzerland, and is surrounded by the Alps with delight. As such, in the surrounding mountains there is some nice walking and trekking. The town alone is tiny and easily reachable in one day, with an unquestionable highlight being the Old Town.
A laid back core with many beautiful bars and restaurants among the historic buildings can be found here. There is fantastic skiing in the mountains in the winter months, not too far from St Moritz and Davos.

10. Zermatt

Zermatt is a town renowned for one of the highest mountains in Switzerland, for skis and mountaineering. In winter, cable cars whisk skiers up the mountains and in summer. walkers. Zermatt is a good place to walk to different places, because petrol-driven vehicles are unauthorised; all vehicles must be run within the city limits. It takes 30 minutes or less to walk between places for the tourists fortunately. The town can be reached via picturesque train routes that link it with the outside world.

Explore these amazing Cities to see in Switzerland and share your amazing experience with us!